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GRRL BYE: Liz Cheney Tries Picking Fight With Mike Lee Over Ukraine and WOW It Does NOT End Well for Her

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Poor Liz Cheney, so desperate to be relevant ... even if that relevance is based on her getting her backside handed to her over and over and over again. You'd think a 40-point loss in Wyoming would have been a wake-up call but apparently not.


It all started here:

Lee understands America can't afford to take care of our own problems, let alone Ukraine's. He also understands the majority of Americans care more about our own border than Ukraine's.

Standing up against endless wars we can't afford, however, seems to bother Liz who chimed in at this point.

Again, this was a dumb post in general but trying to pull this crap with Mike Lee?


Yes, she is really all they can come up with. And as we all know, Cheney never met a war she didn't want to profit from.

There's a reason she lost in Wyoming like she did and it's not really about Trump.


Just sayin'.

Something like that.

True story.



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