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HACK: John Harwood Reminds Us WHY He's Unemployed Openly Pushing for Journos to Control What People Think

Townhall Media

It's not often you see a journalist with the 'caliber' of John Harwood saying the quiet part out loud. We suppose when you have nothing left to lose you can say stupid crap like this:


Alrighty then. Shall we just start calling him a Brown Shirt?

Asking for a friend.

He wants journos to control what you think ... THINK about that for a minute.

We've known they're activists for a long time.

He's just finally admitting it now that he doesn't have a job to worry about.

As much as you hate the mainstream media, it's not enough.

It's never enough.


We made a similar face.

Ding ding ding.



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