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Oh, HONEY: Nikole Hannah-Jones Gets an F Attempting to School Matt Walsh on Who Abolished Slavery FIRST

Meme screenshot

Sadly, Black History Month has gone from a month where we look back at the contributions black Americans have made to this country and honoring their legacy to a bunch of virtue-signaling, nasty, hate-filled, racist, Leftist trolls saying horrible things about white people.


Gotta love all that unity, right?

Thanks, Obama!

Don't take our word for it, look at this 'doozy,' for example (and all the notes correcting him):

You know the face you make when you're not entirely sure if the leftovers from a few nights before are still good even after you sniff them? Yeah, just made that face.

Matt Walsh chimed in on this post to explain how and why Uzi was wrong - he's a giver that way. 

Call it a 'schooling' if you will:

And then, for whatever reason, Nikole Hannah-Jones popped in to challenge Walsh on this point.


Since she asked so nicely, Dan McLaughlin provided the source.

And boom.

She does block fairly easily - this editor knows firsthand.

She continues to babble about Haiti abolishing slavery ... but considering how much 'history' she's revised and made up it's hard to take her all that seriously.



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