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Aww THANK YOU! Jonathan Chait TRIES Insulting Twitchy By Calling Us a 'Conservative Rage Curator' and LOL


It's not every day a fairly well-known Leftist makes a dig at us but when they do ... it's glorious. Oh sure, we had a lot of fun at Ron Perlman's expense when he accused us of being Russian assets and we cackled with glee with Alyssa Milano blocked us, but when they get personal and we can tell we've really gotten under their skin? 



That means we're doing our job.

Case in point:

From John Fugelsang calling us an 'amoral attack site,' to now this from Jonathan Chait - it warms our dead, cold, evil, Right-leaning hearts. Not to mention how hard we laughed at Chait calling Taibbi 'right-wing' but that's another story. Dude, just because someone disagrees with you or reports on things you don't like, that doesn't make them 'right-wing'. Honestly, the way Chait and the mainstream media cover the news we're pretty sure disagreeing with them just makes others HONEST.


He also has a very bizarre definition of 'right-wing journalist'.


Ok ok ok, we don't usually use our tweets in our pieces but this was just too damn funny. And seriously, we should have t-shirts made and give one away every week in a drawing for our VIP Members or something (would be ANOTHER reason to sign up for VIP but don't worry, we're not pushing you in this piece ... ok, maybe a little but only because we'd love to sign people up because Chait accidentally complimented us). Just thinking out loud.

Loving this.

Most definitely.



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