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Cori Bush Lists PLETHORA of Reasons (Not Just Slavery!) America OWES Black People Reparations and YEAH No

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

We can't help but assume the irony of Cori Bush belonging to the party that did all of these horrible things to Black people is completely lost on her. Oh, she's probably convinced the Racism Fairy came along and sprinkled racist dust on the Republicans and PRESTO-CHANGE-O, the parties switched places.


Honestly, it's shocking even for St. Louis that they'd elect someone this ridiculously WRONG about everything, and considering what a hotbed of horrible progressivism St. Louis is, that's really saying something.

Oooo, she put the word NOW after Reparations, that means she means BUSINESS, y'all.


Nice try, Cori, but no.


What she said.

Chicks on the Right. We love them SO many.

Maybe it's just us but we're kinda sorta starting to think nobody (and we mean NOBODY) agrees with Cori on this one.

Well, there ya' go! 

Cori belongs to the horrible party that did ALL of that horrible crap ... so guess she better pay up.



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