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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Ever since Sen. Mike Lee started asking questions about the January 6th footage Speaker Johnson has been releasing, and ultimately flat-out calling for an investigation into the January 6th Committee, Adam Kinzginer has been in full-out meltdown mode.


We've seen timelines from blue-hair, fifth-wave feminists who haven't shaved their armpits or legs in a decade that seem more sane and rational than Adam's in the last few days. Now he's trying to somehow get Tweeps (Xrs?) to come up with new, mean 'call signs' or nicknames for Trump.

While doing his best to remind people that he served.

Gosh, Adam, thanks for your service - but you're still acting like a total douche-canoe.

Case in point:


Perhaps he's just engagement farming? We suppose stupid clicks still make some bank on Elon Musk's X.


Can we use that post? Welp, we'll find out. Heh.


Note: We did not know what Blue Falcon meant so we looked it up, and ouch: Noun. blue falcon (plural blue falcons) (US, military, euphemistic) A supposed comrade whose actions harm his friends, often but not always, for his own benefit

Tough crowd, Crybagy Kinzinger.

That's OUR guess.

Right? It's off-putting, sort of like seeing a teacher out in the real world and not the classroom.


Dangit, we can't top that.





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