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Riley Gaines Wipes the FLOOR with Laura Loomer and Her 'Investigative Skills' After She Doxxed Her

For whatever reason, Laura Loomer decided to go after Riley Gaines. Apparently, Loomer was angry with Gaines for not being on Team Trump or for supporting DeSantis ... or something. It's always about 'loyalty to Trump' for Loomer who has spent months now yelling at people on the Right who she doesn't think are Trumpy enough, but going after Gaines was not a great idea.


Like, at all.

Gaines has a rather large and ironically loyal following on the right since she has become one of the main faces pushing back against men in sports.

Since Loomer deleted the original tweet we searched for it because as you know, tweets never really fully get deleted.

There are plenty of screenshots on Twitter.

Wow. Just ... wow. 

Gaines fired back:

The rest of her post reads ...

Who's gonna tell her I was also offered a paid spot by Trump's team prior? Cry harder that you kiss his butt for free. And if Trump wins the primary, I'll be all in, because this country needs fiscal, social, and foreign policy conservative leadership. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that. And I'm not in the business of caring whether one person/a base "likes me" when our country and freedoms are at stake. 

Let it be remembered that Laura Loomer said girls' and women's safety, privacy, and opportunities aren't that important. To her, being "loyal" to a man who barely knows she exists takes precedence.

 And as for posting my address (even if it is a public record) when it could've easily been blacked out, that's low even for someone with as little class as you. 

Btw, I've never seen myself as a victim and I've surely never claimed to be a political expert. Far from it, but I can proudly say that my election record isn't 0-2


Ok, fired back wasn't really adequate. 




Loomer insisted multiple times she did nothing wrong and it was all about her journalism or something ...

But ULTIMATELY this didn't go well for Loomer because deep down most people on the Right are sick and tired of the infighting. Not to mention Riley Gaines is a well-respected advocate who it turns out Trump wanted as well.

Not a great look.




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