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Alexander Vindman's Wife So GROSSLY Threatens Black VA Democrat She Tries Deleting (BUUUT We Got It)


Been a while since we last wrote about Alexander Vindman's wife, Rachel. Yes, we refer to her as his wife because if she wasn't married to the gossipy little narc she wouldn't be relevant in any way. To be fair, we're not 100% sure she's relevant anyway BUT her going after a Black Democrat in Virginia just because he didn't know who her brother-in-law was (who is running for Spanberger's old seat) is very Twitchy-worthy.


And relevant because Democrats never change their stripes.

Note, she did delete her threats against Joshua Cole BUT lucky for us, the screenshots are out there:

Yikes. Right?

We're going to guess she thought Cole was a Republican because surely she wouldn't speak to someone in her own party this way. Then again, she's a Vindman ... 


Not just an apology, but a FORMAL apology.

Horrible people learn pretty quickly their horrible tweets never really go away.


They can run, but they can't hide.

Here's where the whole thing started:

Because he's D.C., not really Virginia.

Like so many elites.

You know what was unnecessary?

Threatening the guy, Vindman's wife.

Not a good look, like at all.

And speaking of not being a good look?




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