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AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

While we are certainly no experts when it comes to what is happening in these so-called legal cases against Trump, even we can't help but notice how much of it is politically driven. We all know Letitia James actually campaigned on getting Trump, it's obvious the Judge has his own biases ... and now this.


They expect us to believe they give a single damn about 'justice'? That this isn't them weaponizing the justice system for political gain?

C'mon man.

Mollie Hemingway dropped yet another bombshell:

From the link in Mollie's post:

Justice Arthur Engoron issued a Gag Order against President Trump in order to conceal ongoing ethical violations and misconduct by his Principal Law Clerk Allison Greenfield. As the letter below shows, during the pendency of People v. Trump, Allison Greenfield engaged in unethical partisan Democrat activities. Her Instagram posts, which were screenshotted before she set her account to private, show that she not only ran for office as a Democrat during the pendency of People v. Trump, but that she also canvasses, campaigned, and petitioned for Democrat candidates like Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Carolyn Maloney and Representative Jerry Nadler among others. Justice Engoron should be investigated and removed from the bench. Allison Greenfield should be disbarred for her unethical behavior and misconduct.


In other words, there appears to be some shady AF stuff going on here as every day we see more and more coming out.

Sadly, nobody seems all that surprised which says so much about this sham trial.

Yup. Zero consequences for their actions.

Because you know, it's (D)ifferent with they (D)o it.



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