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Adam Kinzinger Melts DOWN Like a Frothy-Mouthed Harpy After Mike Lee Calls for J6 Committee Investigation

AP/Jim Lo Scalzo

Ok, full disclosure, this editor enjoys 'trolling' Adam Kinzinger. A lot. Yeah yeah, it's not the most mature thing in the world BUT considering how easily this guy cries and the amount of ridiculous tough-guy trolling he tries on Twitter ... it's warranted.


Especially after Johnson started dropping more and more of the J6 footage and Senator Mike Lee called for an investigation into the January 6th Committee.

Adam has been losing it.

In a big way.

Honestly, it's so cringe and embarrassing at this point that we ALMOST feel sorry for him.


These are all tweets in the last 24 hours:

His timeline looks like it belongs to a mean, bored high school girl who just discovered social media.

He doth protest too much.


Maybe someone close to Adam should tell him that melting down all day on Twitter after Senator Mike Lee called for the J6 Committee to be investigated didn't really do him any favors. The guy is just a hot mess.

There's more.

Dough face. Really?

Sounds like Adam is a teensy bit nervous about the part he played in helping the government punish Americans for protesting their government.

With Lee calling for an investigation, he probably should be.




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