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Brooklyn Couple Destroying Posters of Hostages Held by Hamas Gets REKT (Watch); UPDATED

Andy Ngô

-- UPDATE --

The couple tearing down the posters has been identified:


One of them has been previously arrested. Shocker.


What IS THE DEAL with horrible people tearing down posters of people who were taken hostage by Hamas? Like, what exactly does that do that's beneficial in any way?

Hamas took hostages.

These people, some of them Americans and even children, are missing.

What the EFF?!

For example, this smug couple got caught tearing them down by a woman from Brooklyn.

Watch THIS (note, there is some 'language' here, but it's totally deserved): 

We love the looks on their smug, snide, nasty, dumb little faces.

How DARE SHE call them out for being anti-Semitic douche-nozzles?!


Nope, no shame at all. The man smiles smugly at her and puts his hand up like she doesn't matter and shouldn't film them. And you know they told their friends (who probably suck as much as they do) about the crazy woman who got mad at them for pulling posters down.

We see what he did there.

And he's right.


Hold the haters accountable, on video if possible. Let's show the world.



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