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AP's garbage 'Hamas says' headline literally shaming Israel a reminder we DON'T hate the media enough

Meme screenshot

Maybe it's just our imagination but it seems like the AP is basically blaming Israel for dead hostages Hamas took while they were attacking their country and killing thousands of innocent people. They do realize there would be no hostages to die in the 'heavy bombardment' if Hamas hadn't, you know, been rapist, murderous terrorists in the first place.


But somehow, this is their take on what's happening.

They're shaming Israel for defending itself.

Why would they ever use Hamas as a reliable source?

That's a facetious question, by the way, we know why.


Just sayin'.

Now now, why would Hamas lie? It's not like they're terrorists or anything. *so many eye rolls*

THAT'S the story. The story is not, 'Israel is killing hostages because they're bombing Gaza into glass.' Those hostages wouldn't be there AND THEY WOULDN'T BE BOMBING them again, if Hamas had not attacked them in the first place.


C'mon AP, get your shiznit together.



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