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WHOA: Indie 'journo' drops NEW and damning J6 footage of Ray Epps and others at police line (watch)


Self-described independent journalist Stephen Horn dropped some never-before-released J6 video of Ray Epps and others in the violence along the police in on the West Plaza. Note, Horn himself was convicted of four misdemeanor accounts for his participation in J6 just yesterday.


That being said, the footage he shared to Twitter of Ray Epps makes us all scratch our heads.

How has Epps not been charged? Horn was accused of climbing a statue inside the Capitol ... 

But *crickets* around Epps.

It's just weird.

Watch this:

Was Epps accelerating the behavior? Egging it on? We've all seen footage of the guy talking about going into the Capitol during protests the night before. You know, if they would address this rather large elephant wearing a red hat in the room people might be more inclined to let it go. But the more we see J6 defendants treated like the WORST sort of criminal while this guy walks around free is just ... odd. 



It got Julie Kelly's attention ... interesting.

Oh YEAH, we'd forgotten about that.

Probably just trying to get people focused on something else ... always ask yourselves when the government wants your attention over HERE, what's going on over THERE?


And we've seen quite a bit of that with January 6.

Just sayin'.



Look on Chris Hayes' face after John Fetterman bizarrely goes THERE during interview is DELICIOUS (watch)

'What's the TRUE narrative'? Rose McGowen takes media APART over Russell Brand allegations and DAMN

'WTF' look on Elon Musk's face when unhinged Larry David tries SCOLDING him for voting GOP is PERFECTION

Dude, take the L! John Fetterman finally breaks his silence on how he dresses and comments are GOLD


Note: As if magic, right after we published this piece Ray Epps WAS charged. But with a nothing burger of course. Check it out too! - sj


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