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'WTF' look on Elon Musk's face when unhinged Larry David tries SCOLDING him for voting GOP is PERFECTION


Larry David is a hate-filled, nasty, unhinged Leftist who thinks it's appropriate to crap on total strangers based on his own ridiculous and hateful ideas. Case in point:


Because you know, it says RIGHT there in the GOP's agenda, 'murder kids in school'.

What a complete donkey.

And we love love love the look on Elon's face.

From the New York Post:

Comedian Larry David reportedly wanted Elon Musk to curb his enthusiasm for the Republican Party.

In his new biography titled “Elon Musk,” Isaacson wrote that David “seemed to be fuming.”

According to Isaacson, David asked Musk: “Do you just want to murder kids in schools?”

The killings took place just four days before the May 28 wedding.

“No, no,” Musk, who was said to be “baffled” and “annoyed,” replied.

“I’m anti-kid murder,” the mogul reportedly told David.

We'd be baffled and annoyed as well. What a crap thing to think, let alone ask.

And honestly, who does David think he is? Bust off, creepy old man. Take your neuroses and shove it ... wouldn't it have been cool if Musk had replied that way in addition to making that face? 

We're PRETTY sure he was broken before Trump but yes.


Yup. Elon's face reads as if he's thinking, 'Are you out of your DAMN MIND?!'

And yes, yes he is.



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