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Dude, take the L! John Fetterman finally breaks his silence on how he dresses and comments are GOLD

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

John Fetterman responded to Nate Silver talking about how he'd rather we weren't wasting time talking about Lauren Boebert's theatre antics and of course, how he dresses, and we think he was dunking on Nate but we're not sure.


Or was he dunking on himself?

You know what ... maybe you guys should just decide and let us know.

See what we mean?


Could be.

Our apologies to 10-year-olds out there who have thrown tantrums every time their mommy asks them to wear long pants.

Him tweet good. Him good boy.

We're going to go ahead and say no, no he's not.


Gonna guess it's his wife.



Stephen King takes BATS**T insane to whole new LEVEL blaming Trump/Republicans for COVID in new book

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Katie Pavlich and others just level Chuck Schumer for 'dumbing down' Senate dress code for Lurch



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