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'What's the TRUE narrative'? Rose McGowen takes media APART over Russell Brand allegations and DAMN

Rose McGowan has been and is still a warrior for women who are victims of sexual assault/harassment. She has some thoughts about the way the media are covering the Russell Brand allegations ... and she brings up some excellent points about how they USUALLY cover these things.


Unless, of course, it's someone like Brand who the 'powers that be' have decided are getting a bit too honest with their large following about the way they see the world. She also points out that this sloppy and targeted way of reporting on the story only hurts real victims.

We're surely not doing her any justice by babbling about what she said so we'll let you listen for yourself.



If the villain in your story isn't politically convenient, the press doesn't care all that much. They've proven that time and time again.

Ask Tara Reade.


Excellent point.

If anyone knows about what a dumpster fire the press is when a victim's abuser is not politically convenient, it's Rose McGowan.



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