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Look on Chris Hayes' face after John Fetterman bizarrely goes THERE during interview is DELICIOUS (watch)

Greg Price

Ummm ... what?

We find ourselves saying that a LOT lately where John Fetterman is involved.

This interview between the guy who looks like Bigfoot's drunk cousin and Rachel Maddow ... sorry ... Chris Hayes is really something else. Even Hayes couldn't save the interview, heh.


Watch this hot mess.

They need to go hump a different leg?


You know what, we don't really wanna know.

And look, he's not wearing a hoodie! We're willing to bet he's wearing shorts though. Man ... we hope he's wearing shorts.

TYPICALLY this editor doesn't buy into much of the 'body double' narrative we see here and there but some of this is starting to get a little weird around Fetterman. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

It's becoming a really sloppy episode of The Twilight Zone.

He thinks he's made a GREAT POINT dunking on those evil Republicans who understand we can't keep spending money we just don't have.


And why the Hell is he talking about anyone humping any legs?


Democrats in 2023, folks. Yay.



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