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'RT if they should delete their account'! Occupy Democrats BACKPEDALS when CNN fact-checks their lying a*ses about a 'Trumper running protesters over'

Gosh, Occupy Democrats lied?! WE’RE SHOCKED. Oh, wait. NO.

As Twitchy readers know, Occupy Democrats claimed a Trumper ’emboldened by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict’ PLOWED into a peaceful group of protesters … without a link to any story, or any video. And then they said a 60-year-old woman was FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE in the hospital and begged their idiot followers to retweet them so the EVIL TRUMPER could be found!


Yeah, if it sounds like BS in general and it’s coming from Occupy Democrats it’s usually BS.

You know it’s bad when even Daniel Dale of CNN fact-checked them:



But wait, there’s more!

It looks like the driver just wanted to get on his or her way.


Occupy Democrats had no choice than to offer a CORRECTION:

So many womp-womps.

So little time.


Strangely. Is it though?



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