Liberal policies are destroying San Francisco. Maybe it’s time San Franciscans started voting differently?

Hey, just a suggestion.

Sounds like San Franciscan Michelle Tandler is ‘this close’ to seeing the light … take a look:


San Francisco has become an absolute pit of Liberal dogma overtaking safety, community, and the people who live there. Agendas and propaganda mean more than anything else, and the people are suffering for it.

Keep going.

She should just be able to call the police … she shouldn’t have to lie or play games.

But sadly that is the state of her STATE right now. Especially San Francisco.


Just wow.

So they could get sued for calling the cops … talk about putting the criminal before the victim.


As she should.

As anyone should.

This isn’t right.

And the only way to stop it is to change WHO YOU VOTE FOR.

She was so close … so close.

But then there’s this tweet.

To be fair, she is Liberal so we can give her this one. Yeah yeah yeah, we know the greatest equalizer for any woman is a firearm and no matter how thoroughly trained an officer may be, it will still take them time to get to you.

But this thread is pretty damn good so we’ll take it.

Almost there!



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