We all know if the driver of the red SUV that PLOWED through the Christmas Parade in Waukesha, WI had been some white guy the headlines would be flooding social media about domestic terrorism in America and white privilege. But since Darrell Brooks is the wrong color for the media’s narrative, it’s almost as if it never even happened. And God forbid anyone talk about Darrell Brooks, his history, and his social media because all of that makes their claims that he was simply ‘fleeing’ another crime scene seem even more questionable.

Nobody has been more honest and upfront about Brooks than Andy Ngo, so of course the Left is losing their minds on Twitter.

Yeah yeah, it would be more newsworthy if they WEREN’T losing their minds but here we are:

Give ’em Hell, Andy.

Sorry, not sorry for covering Andy Ngo reporting on who Darrel Brooks is.

So mad.

And speaking of mad, Olbermann all but wet himself …


All we can say is, truth hurts so suck it up, Lefties:

He’s a grifting narcissist for covering the truth about Brooks?

Weird take.

They’re angrier at Andy for writing about the guy who killed five people than they are at the guy for killing people.

Weird, right?


Their handles are always so clever.

Not really.

Say what now?

Again, doesn’t really line up but whatever keeps these frothy-mouthed harpies frothing we suppose.



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