Earlier today, we wrote about a thread Jesse Kelly ‘penned’ on Twitter about a loser mentality versus a winner mentality. Kelly made the argument that the ‘Old Right’ has a loser mentality while the ‘New Right’ has the winner mentality.

Basically, the old guard would rather sit back and ‘tsk tsk’ at the new guard for being too aggressive and in your face. Seems people like Bill Kristol would rather the Right do nothing about what the Left is trying to pull all across this country … except maybe talk about it. But even then, like much of the Old Right, most of what he says is aimed at shaming the New Right.

Dana Loesch’s thread is similar to what Kelly said, but she is very specific about what is happening with Disney and DeSantis. She took aim at those shaming Florida conservatives for ‘salting the Earth’ after beating Disney.

This is pretty kick-a*s:

We didn’t start this war, but by God, we’re going to end it.

And if you don’t like it, too bad.

It’s as if the nags on the Right have forgotten it’s CHILDREN we’re fighting to protect here and parental sovereignty.

This this this! ^

The same people who didn’t approve of Trump.

Can’t get our hands dirty or say something that might make people mad, ya’ know.

And boom.

Dana just nailed it.

As usual.



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