While pro-maskers whine, weep, and b*tch because they no longer have any sort of backing or authority over people unmasking, many of them are also concerned that the people they spent the last two years harassing, shaming, lecturing, and nagging to mask MIGHT not be nice to them.

Ya’ think?

Hey, there are some of us who won’t waste our time but we absolutely have no problem with those who are ready to throw down.

Like Twitchy favorite, Amy Curtis.

It’s become a religion for many of them.


Give ’em Hell.

Ya’ know, when she puts it this way … SCREW THEM.

She’s right! The pro-mask bullies have spent years tormenting people who just want to be left alone.

Should they get off so easy?


Or their three our four masks.

We hate the phrase, ‘new normal.’

No, we’re just going back to normal, Branch COVIDIANS. And if you don’t like it then by all means feel free to wear eleventy BILLION masks and stay home.

Take THAT, mask bullies.



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