Imagine how absolutely gone Taylor Lorenz has to be to believe a Substack article proves she did the right thing.

We suppose the shrew from Hell is looking for any sort of validation at this point considering she has been dragged and dragged some more since doxing Libs of Tik Tok and the woman she targeted has received an overwhelming amount of support. More followers, a deal with Seth Dillon of The Babylon Bee …

But hey, Taylor has this sad little blog from Substack that blames the Right because they just don’t like journalism. Or something.

She really thinks this makes her look like the good guy just doing her job here.


Not wanting a private citizen doxed, harassed, and silenced is apparently a bad thing.

Look at the cute little newsroom photo with it.

She’s trying so hard.

Her beat.

As if she’s legit at all.

Guess how this went over.

That sounds about right.

She seems to miss the other side of the argument and that is how not even a month ago she was on MSNBC weeping openly about how mean people have been to her, threatening her, doxing her friends, her family, etc.

Then she turns around and does the same damn thing to Libs of Tik Tok.

But hey, that crappy little Substack article says she did the right thing and stuff because JOURNALISM!



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