Elon Musk working to buy Twitter has well and truly broken the people who have grown very comfortable in their protected status since they agree with the tech giant’s agenda. We suppose they’re worried if the playing field is leveled and everyone has the same opportunity to be heard that they do, their precious agenda will lose momentum.

We already know Democrats are in trouble in November – imagine the RED WAVE we’d see if Elon allowed conservatives to have the same unlimited freedom on Twitter as they do progressives.

This is why they’re working so hard to discredit the guy. Like Trump, they loved him until they realized he wasn’t a supporter of their narrative.

Case in point.

Just reminding.

Notice he didn’t bother to tag Elon.


Luckily someone else tagged him and he saw it … and boy howdy did he ever set the record straight.

Don’t start none with Elon, won’t be none.

Just sayin’.

He continued.

Consider that mic DROPPED, folks.

It really does.

In other words, since the loser the board fired has nothing else better to do, he’s pushing lies and smearing Elon on Wikipedia. This is why so many people just laugh when Wiki is a source brought into an argument/debate.

Good question.

One really does have to wonder why so many blue-checks are working so hard to discredit Elon.

Yes, we’re being facetious, we know damn well why they’re doing it.

But you’d think by now they’d have figured out it’s a lost cause and they will only look stupid in the end.



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