We’re still not sure how this guy is a pastor …

Forget that he says a lot of stupid stuff (and actually has this editor blocked), but this claim about LGBTQ allies not voting Republican? Does he not realize there are actually a lot of gay conservatives and Republicans themselves?

This is just lazy activism. And look, he put his cute little website on the image so he’s claiming it.

Pastors don’t post hateful sh*t on Twitter about large groups of people they’re too bigoted to actually get to know.

Yeah, that’s a little clunky, and definitely wouldn’t fit on some lame muted rainbow image.

And let the dragging COMMENCE.


Leftists despise the individual, it is too difficult to pander to and influence an individual, so they’d much rather put everyone in nice, neat little buckets so they can treat them all the same way. And if someone dares step out of that bucket? It gets really ugly, really fast.

Look at how they treat conservative women, Black conservatives, GAY conservatives …

But the guy who calls himself a pastor knows better or something.

Try not to roll your eyes too much.





Yeah, his tweet sucks.

THERE it is. Democrats have had the minority vote in their back pocket for a long time, and now that Black and Hispanic voters are starting to walk away, they’re trying to lay claim to the LGBTQ community instead of actually giving people a reason to support them.


Hey, it worked for Biden.




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