We’ve unfortunately run into a lot of annoying people over the past couple of years who are obsessed with masking and feel like the rest of us should be as obsessed as they are or we’re bad people. And now that our country has come to its senses (we hope, EFF OFF Brandon), people can start thinking for themselves again and making choices about masking that make sense FOR THEM.

No one is saying you can’t wear a mask.

They’re just saying you can no longer force others to wear one.

This isn’t difficult.

But apparently, Roland Martin (the guy who took a selfie wearing goggles and a mask to virtue-signal like a high school girl) thinks this is the best way to get attention on social media. Granted, it’s not the nicest of attention but hey, attention is attention, right?


Roland, nobody cares if you wear a mask. That’s the point.

A few of the bigs he tried to pick a fight with fired back.

Ben Shapiro.

Right? Maybe Roland should have worn four masks and two pairs of goggles before December?

And again, nobody is telling Roland he can’t wear one.

Steve Deace.

Maybe this is some sort of performance art for Roland?

Matt Walsh.


Matt Murphy.


Go nuts.

Wear a mask.

And your goggles.


That’s what it means to have a choice. Crazy, right?



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