If you thought the media embarrassed themselves during Kavanaugh, Russia, impeachment, and then COVID, we’re afraid you ain’t seen nothin’ yet as we watch them sit and spin while covering Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade. They were more than happy to write her off as some sort of right-wing plant (even though that goes against their so-called mantra of believing all women) but then the Larry King footage popped up followed by four other people who corroborated her story.


What can the media do now?

Welp, they can write pathetic headlines that look even worse when compared to how they covered a man that had far less evidence against him, like Kavanaugh.

Efforts to question his behavior?

What now?

Mary Katharine Ham made the perfect analogy:

If only some of them would start juggling.


And the media wonder why their ratings are in the toilet.

And hey, if anyone knows crazy headlines it’s us.


Isn’t that how it always is?



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