The Washington Post had a tweet teasing an article about Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden that quickly brought about responses that are best summed up this way:

The nation has been informed to “believe all women” so often that this WaPo spin is a little confusing:

Is that supposed to mean “pouncing,” “seizing,” “grappling,” or what?

That might have been easier, but WaPo decided to swing for the fences instead.

It can take some time to process.

It could happen!

The WaPo gymnastics was over this, summed up by the first two paragraphs in the story:

Some allies of President Trump pointed Monday to new claims by a woman who said she was told about sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden decades ago, renewing attention to questions about the past behavior of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Apparent corroboration surfaced this week for elements of two accusations made by Biden’s former Senate aide Tara Reade, one involving harassment and the second a sexual assault. Biden has not commented on the allegations, but his campaign has denied them and pointed to his record on women’s rights and promotion of women in his offices.

Biden can count on the mainstream media continuing to try and bury the story.