Alyssa Milano hears and sees Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade.

It only took several witnesses corroborating her story and actual footage of her mother calling Larry King BUT she finally ‘believes’ Reade. Which of course goes against the whole basis of #BelieveAllWomen but we’re not exactly surprised that she wouldn’t walk the walk when it came to calling out a Democrat.

A Democrat she endorsed for president.

Guess how this went over:

Used for fodder.


And too little too late, Alyssa.

Far too many of us remember this other gem she tweeted:

So not a smear campaign anymore?

What changed her mind? Maybe all of the actual witnesses corroborating Reade’s story … you know, the witnesses Blasey-Ford didn’t have?

She was ready to ruin Kavanaugh’s LIFE with zero evidence but it took THIS MUCH for her to even consider Reade’s story.

If she thought this would make her look better boy was she wrong.

Maybe a LITTLE tolerance if the accused is a Democrat? Just a little?

Not seeing that on her timeline.



Sit this one out.

It definitely sounds like too little, too late, Alyssa.

Oh well.

So sad.



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