Here we are again after stalking Brit Hume’s timeline; you know, if he’d stop sharing such valuable and useful information particularly on COVID we could stop stalking him but OH NO.


As usual, Brit’s timeline did not disappoint as he shared a fairly fascinating and infuriating thread on the way COVID deaths are being reported and ultimately used as a means to keep certain states shut down. Lengthy, lots of numbers and math (SORRY, we know it’s early on a Monday for math!) but totally worth your time to read.

Take a look:

Watch out for this stuff, especially if you’re in a state with a Democrat governor who seems to be abusing his or her authority right now.

Lookin’ at you, Coonman.

Gosh, it’s like the media is buying into ‘panic porn’.

Wonder why?



But 120 sounds way scarier!

All states need to start doing this.

It’s going to be a few days behind depending on the death.

Excellent point.

Let that sink in, it’s happening all over the country.


And these are the numbers they’re using to justify lockdowns, folks.

BUT 120 DEATHS!!!!

Huh, 36 is sad but nowhere near as panic-worthy as 120.

Very real and very costly.

Just open the damn country.



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