So Jill Biden is running now, right? You know, if people thought we were making an old guy with aging issues or even possible dementia run for president we probably wouldn’t share a video of his wife talking while he stands next to her looking completely confused.

But we’re not the Democratic Party so what do we know?

Look at this:

It’s so awkward and again we just sort of feel sorry for Joe. They’re keeping him in a basement and shooting videos of him … it’s just creepy.

Seriously. We know the DNC won’t listen to anyone on the Right but guys, this is not at all presidential.

At least she can read the cue cards. Yup.

We still think Obama lackeys are writing his tweets and helping with this shadow campaign but it’s possible Jill helps as well.


He does.

Hell, she’d have as much chance as her husband.

Which isn’t much.



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