The Daily Caller (DC) has really been putting in some overtime covering Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, probably because the rest of the media is pretending she is either nonexistent or a liar. For example, DC contacted EVERY Senate Democrat about the sexual assault allegations against Biden, asking if any of them would even consider the allegations.

None of them responded.

DC reached out to Brian Schatz (for brains) on Twitter asking him why he didn’t respond:

And for whatever reason, TDS-ravaged Cheri Jacobus jumped into the conversation to basically accuse Reade of lying. We’re not entirely sure why she thought this was a good idea but when you have TDS as badly as she does the brain all but ceases any function other than to shriek, drool, and stutter, ‘Trump Bad!’

DC’s Lindsay Wigo responded:

Cheri replied, and then blocked her because she’s super classy like that.

So we assumed since Cheri is being so supportive of Biden and doubtful of Reade that she was the same with Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey-Ford considering the evidence against Biden is far more damning.

Just kidding, we knew what we’d find if we searched her tweets for Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford.

She didn’t disappoint:

Julie Swetnick … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

But you know, Reade is LYING!

There are a ton of these.

The accuser Cheri conveniently believed.


Gosh, she sure believed Kavanaugh’s accuser who had far less evidence than Tara Reade.

Wonder what’s different?

JUST KIDDING, we know what’s different.

Everyone does.



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