Governor Ralph (as in puke) Northam has made a name for himself during these ‘unprecedented times.’

And it’s not a good one.

Between his lengthy stay at home order (June 10!) and continued pushing back of opening essential businesses like salons and gyms without much data to show for it, he’s not exactly winning over a ton of Virginians. Funny how people start pushing back when you take away their livelihood and their children’s education for what looks more and more like political reasons.

Now, we realize many governors are telling their citizens to wear masks, but considering Northam’s history with either wearing blackface or a klan hood this never goes well for him.

He’s super psyched.

Something like that.

This isn’t going so hot for Northam.


Right, Bubba?

THERE it is.

Because THAT would make too much sense.

Real doctors.




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