We really wish these media types would make up their freakin’ minds. Either they want Trump to have a briefing or they don’t.

This is not difficult.

Last week, all we heard was b*tching and moaning about how outlets shouldn’t air Trump’s pressers and now that he didn’t take questions on Friday and has canceled today’s briefing they’re still b*tching and moaning. And nobody b*tches and moans better than Jim Acosta.

And there’s that lie about Trump telling Americans to inject themselves with disinfectants again.

This has been debunked multiple times but whatever, Acosta is rolling.

They’ve lied so much we’re not sure they know how to tell the truth anymore.


If they report it honestly though there’s no real story and Jim can’t play smug and superior about the briefing being canceled.

And not a funny one.

Dear Diary,

Orange man canceled today’s briefing! How will I make myself the story now, Diary?! Doesn’t he know how important it is to me that I can pretend he’s the villain and I’m the hero?! Nobody understands me like you, Diary. You complete me.





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