If you needed more evidence that these lockdown measures are completely out of control, look no further than this thread from Ben Shapiro about police giving an elderly couple a hard time for daring to sit in chairs on the beach.

No, we’re not making that up.

Take a look:

Bad elderly couple sitting in chairs! BAD!

Keep in mind it may not be all that easy for a 93-year-old to sit in the sand, let alone get up. But you know, they can’t sit in chairs because that’s not ‘temporary’ enough.

Yes, everyone who supports this nonsense is an idiot.

Most authorities are not.

Ok, so this editor might be a tad biased since Coonman is her governor but still.

Caribou performing sexual acts on basketballs.

That’s one helluva visual, heh.

At some point, you’d think these officers would realize how silly what they’re enforcing really is.

Stupid city.

Stupid rule.

Sounds legit.

Note, we usually include far more tweets but honestly, reading through this thread there are so many people shaming the elderly couple for daring to go outside … it’s just disappointing on so many levels. They weren’t doing anything wrong and it’s like far too many Americans have forgotten we are a free people and dammit, if we want to sit in chairs on the beach we should be able to. 



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