Late last week and into the weekend we saw a story about Trump being tied to China through a loan emerging as a story from our good, informative, honest, totally unbiased friends in the media. Hell, Seth Abramson even wrote a crazy long thread about it so surely it was true … right?



You’d think with the mess they made of themselves with Russia, then Ukraine, and now with COVID they’d give the spin a teensy rest but nope. Sharyl Attkisson took a fairly factual look at the story and in doing so totally destroyed their entire narrative.


‘Bank of China statement — which WaPo for some reason didn’t get prior to publishing — makes premise of article false’.

Ya’ don’t say.

We’re pretty sure we know why they didn’t bother to get the Bank of China statement but then again we are seriously cynical these days …

He no longer China bank.


Maybe that’s code? Ok fine, it’s probably just really sloppy editing.

The other is funny to think about though.

Pretty big mistake.


Color us not surprised POLITICO hasn’t issued a correction or apology. *all the eye rolls*


At least they’re trying to run the show.

Gotta keep fact-checking ’em.



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