Like most journos, Olivia Nuzzi was more interested in scoring cheap political points than asking real questions at Monday’s Trump briefing that almost never was. If she was trying to prove why the president should consider not bothering with these fame-seeking monkeys she succeeded.

As you can imagine, many in the grown-up world called Olivia out for exploiting Vietnam deaths to somehow own Trump over this COVID crisis … but only Brit Hume used her behavior as a way to embarrass the entirety of legacy media.

Not only tolerated and accepted but applauded.

THAT is our modern-day media.

And it’s clearly a joke.

It was pretty awful because not only did it exploit the Vietnam war, it exploited 48k American lives lost, and all to dunk on the bad orange man.


Like every other fame-hungry journo out there, she became the story. Which is ultimately what she wanted.

Makes sense when our media are shameless.



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