As Twitchy wrote yesterday, Katy Tur is on a tear of being just awful this week, providing some of the worst and deliberately misleading reporting we have seen not only from her, but from any other MSNBC talking heads.

Which tells you it’s REALLY bad.

So bad.

Super bad.

Super duper bad.

Here she is today trying to deny Ukraine meddled in 2016 elections and when her guest provided proof she called it ‘Russian propaganda, ‘ even though it’s from POLITICO.

Watch this crap:

She’s just awful.

And a perfect fit for MSNBC.

Speaking of MSNBC, could they have any more nonsense on the screen? Cripes.

Katy seems to have a teensy weensy bias problem.

Teensy weensy.


From the New York Times.

Is that Russian propaganda too, Katy?



And that’s a tight contest.


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