We admire and almost envy that Jason Howerton still has some faith in traditional media to report the actual story and not their preferred narrative.

But we’ve covered so much of their nonsense over the years that we’ve grown cynical and are hardly surprised when they outright and deliberately misinform their audience.

Like what Katy Tur did here.


Wow, this is really bad.

Like so bad.

Egregious is a good word for what we just saw here.

BULLS**T is even better.

But it’s not like the MSNBC audience is going to question what she’s said or even give it a second thought. All they care about is pushing home their narrative, the one they’ve been pushing for three years (or more) now, the one about the orange man and how he’s BAD.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

She’s really not.

Ugh, dude, we’ll be here all day.

She works for MSNBC for Pete’s sake.

This is what they all do.

She’s really REALLY not.


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