For whatever reason, Shep Smith took it upon himself to try and scold/shame/pick a fight with Tucker Carlson over Judge Napolitano on the air.

Because you know, that’s not repugnant or anything.


‘Hits back.’

That’s adorable.

From the Washington Examiner:

A war of words between two Fox News personalities escalated when Tucker Carlson hit back at Shepard Smith after the daytime host characterized Carlson’s handling of one of his guests as “repugnant.”

The feud began Tuesday when Carlson brought former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova on his opinion show after Democrats announced they had begun an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. DiGenova ripped Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, calling him “a fool” for saying during an interview with Smith that Trump had already admitted to committing a crime.

Smith on Wednesday expressed pointed disapproval that Carlson did not challenge diGenova over the statement, and said, “Attacking our colleague who is here to offer legal assessments on our air, in our work home, is repugnant.”

Maybe Shep should mind his own business?

Just spitballin’.

He’s something.

The Left loves using Shep as proof that ‘even Fox News says’ XYZ …

See what we mean?

So no wonder Tucker wasn’t exactly taking what Shep said about him, or his guest, all that seriously.

Right? Shep is overtly biased, whiny, sanctimonious … he’d fit right in at CNN.