As Twitchy reported earlier, Adam Schiff sent out a tweet that was very similar to the whistleblower’s info two weeks before any of this information was made public … it’s almost like he knew something was coming.

Ben Shapiro’s jab at the media about this being ‘mildly concerning’ is so perfect here:

This seems somehow relevant, don’cha think?

Now why oh why would Schiff need to work with the whistleblower before he (she) blew the whistle?

This seems more and more like a planned effort to this editor … *adjusts tinfoil*

Here’s the big thing though, take a gander at who responded to Schiff’s month-old tweet:

DNC operative who was working the the Ukrainian embassy to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Think that’s coincidental?


Now we’re hungry for Taco Bell.


Something strange is definitely afoot at the Circle K.

Stay tuned.


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