We’re seeing SO MUCH noise about the whistleblower and what a disaster it’s turning into for Democrats and the media. Sure, they’re all still pretending that they’ve got Trump THIS TIME, but if you read any of the memo or the transcript or pay any attention to those not looking to push the ‘orange man bad’ narrative, you can see it’s falling apart.

Mark Levin was good enough to write a thread about how ridiculous this whistleblower story really is:

We kinda sorta love how he calls them ‘leftwing kooks’.

Which is what the government does with sensitive information.



Yeah, Trump was so worried about what they’d find out he ordered it released.

Totally something a guilty person would do.

*eye roll*

This smells more and more like another attempted smear job, just like the Russian collusion hoax.

So very BRAVE!

Not all heroes wear capes … or something.


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