The reporter who outed a local man for posting racist tweets years and years ago who had used his ‘viral fame’ to raise millions for a children’s hospital has left the Des Moines Register.

He ‘left’.

From WaPo:

When a Des Moines Register reporter on Tuesday helped expose racist tweets posted years ago by a local man who used his viral Internet fame to raise millions for a children’s hospital, it inspired a vicious backlash against “cancel culture” — and the reporter himself, who critics soon found had his own history of offensive posts.

The Register announced late Thursday that the reporter, Aaron Calvin, no longer works for the newspaper. The move comes as the Register has hired extra security under a deluge of threats from people furious about its decision to pursue the story.

Carol Hunter, the Register’s executive editor, announced Thursday that, after the backlash, the newspaper was reexamining both its procedures for reviewing employees’ social media accounts and its internal policies for how to report on the backgrounds of profile subjects.

“We’re revising our policies and practices, including those that did not uncover our own reporter’s past inappropriate social media postings,” she wrote in a column. “We took appropriate action because there is nothing more important in journalism than having readers’ trust.”

‘Reexamining its procedures for reviewing employees’ social media.’

That’s adorable.

Cancel culture anyone?

Maybe don’t ‘out’ someone for racist tweets when you have racist tweets of your own?

Not a great look.


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