As Twitchy readers know, MSNBC and other outlets got all sorts of fussy when Trump held his Social Media Summit earlier this week at the White House. Beyond the yelling match between Playboy’s Brian Karem and Seb Gorka (which was pretty damn cool), many in the traditional media took it upon themselves to smear not only the summit but the people in attendance.

God forbid anyone they disagree with has a voice in social media, right?

Hrm. We might have seen ‘Race-baiting Conspiracy Theorists’ open for ‘Hillary Will Never Be President’ back in 99.

It was a crappy concert, just sayin’.

Steven Crowder JUST owned them:

Gosh, when Steven puts it like THAT it’s like MSNBC is the real race-baiting conspiracy theorist in the room.

Who knew?

Oh, that’s right … EVERYONE.

It’s a theme these days with our friends in traditional media.

Sad, but true.

Or sense of humor.

True story.


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