On Thursday, President Trump made a surprise appearance during a presser and of course, the media and the Left (same difference, really) lost their ever-loving minds when he didn’t take any questions.

Luckily we only saw one person take this complaining a step further into ‘Nazi territory’.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the tweet.

So every bald guy is a skinhead, Jeffrey?

Thinking someone definitely does need help, but it’s not Trump. Nope, it’s the guy who sees Nazis everywhere …

We remember that. He also made disgusting comments to Dana Loesch … in fact, we wrote about both.

Some things never change.


With a pretty blue check, too.

Ok, we actually snort-laughed at this.



Man, we hope not.

Oh, yeah, he’s a mental health counselor.

Ironic, don’t ya think?


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