We’re not entirely sure who Adam Best is and why Twitter thought enough of him to verify him … ok, we’re kidding about Twitter. Clearly, Adam is predisposed in his own bigotry to hate and attack people like Mike Pence so OF COURSE, Twitter saw fit to give him the mighty blue check.

His bio has a bunch of gobbledygook about how a judge made Trump ‘unblock’ him and being an ex-CEO but, meh.

He only made our radar for posting this nonsense about VP Mike Pence swearing in Kyrsten Sinema:

Now we’ve watched this video several times and Pence looks the same here as he did with all of the other folks who are not openly bisexual. We get what Adam is trying to do here, make Sinema seem intimidating to Pence but she’s not.

And if you watch her she seems to be very pleasant with Pence as well.

There is zero drama here.

Bingo. In trying to paint Pence as a homophobic bigot Adam showed Twitter who HE really is.

What they said.

So … Adam’s not bright.


Holy cow.

Some people.

How about MOST people?

Perhaps someone should inform Adam that it’s best to remove one’s head from one’s backside BEFORE tweeting, just sayin’.


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