It’s gonna be a LOOOONG two years.

Forget that Democrats already introduced legislation to do away with the Electoral College (all they have to do is NOT be insane), the level of dramatic and ego-centered nonsense coming from the Left for regaining control over the House is ridiculous.

And for the most part, meaningless.

Speaking of ridiculous and meaningless, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was apparently booed during Nancy Pelosi’s vote for speaker yesterday:

Ok, should they have booed her?


Did they boo because they’re scared of her?

No no.

Odds are they booed her for the same reasons this editor keeps writing about her, and that’s because quite frankly ‘Alex from the Bronx’ is incredibly ignorant of the law, our government, and even the office she holds. Honestly, at the end of the day, she feels like another Democrat ‘creation’ much like Barack Obama.

But men hate her cuz they ain’t her or something. GOP ONLY WORE NAVY AND BLACK!

Ya’ think?

When your own supporters are telling you to chill TF out? Maybe pay attention.

But she won’t.

Ultimately this is probably the reality behind the boos; grab your popcorn, things are going to get really interesting between Alexandria and Nancy.

THAT’S another big part of the reason anyone booed Alexandria – she can pretend it’s fear or that she’s super edgy but at the end of the day, what people are already really sick of is the constant arrogance and ego from someone who hasn’t yet earned the right to be that cocky.

Well that, and her ideas are TERRIBLE.

Sorry, not sorry.


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