When someone tells you they have a novel idea about something that usually means the idea isn’t all that novel at all and they’re trying really hard to make a point that you don’t care about them making in the first place. In other words, fairly unbearable and pompous people with gargantuan egos predominately use this phrase …

Sort of like Matthew Dowd.

We’re guessing he’s defending Elizabeth Warren and people pointing out what an illusory, unlikeable harpy she really is but hey, it’s his novel idea so what do we know?

Oof, what she said.

And yes, basically Matthew’s tweet is nothing but a bunch of balderdash.

Join the club, he blocked this editor for calling him out after he attacked Mary Katharine Ham. In fact, looking at his thread it seems a lot of people have been blocked by the guy lecturing others on dismissing folks.


This gent interpreted what Matthew said because he’s a helper:

Smartest thing Matthew has ever said, right there.


And of course, this upset Matthew.

Talk about dismissing someone.

Sensitive lil feller, ain’t he?


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