It’s not President Trump’s fault that Elizabeth Warren is and always has been a complete snollygoster. Yes, that’s actually a thing – it means a politician who is driven more by their own personal gain rather than consistent principles.

Granted, she’s not alone in this but man, when a word just FITS you gotta use it.

And since Warren announced she’s basically running for president, Trump took it upon himself to share The Daily Wire’s suggestion for a campaign slogan for his possible opponent.

This was awesome.


Trump is literally coruscating in this tweet.

We love the play on her actual DNA that came back as 1/1024th Native American which means the majority of Americans have more Native American DNA than she does.

Good times.

Hey, when you do something really well …


And speaking of doing something really well, Trump trolled Warren so perfectly that the usual shrieking harpies on the Left descended on his thread because HEY THAT WAS MEAN or something:

Oooh, he included a percentage.

That must make it legit.

Gotta love the scolds.


What is going to happen when Trump is not only free in 2020 but likely serving his second term?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Nag nag nag.

This is HILARIOUS considering Trump basically endorsed Nancy for the Speaker role. That the Left thinks she scares Trump at all is telling.

Watch her RESIST.

They try so hard.


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