Speaker Nancy Pelosi (ugh) defended taking a super expensive vacation in Hawaii while thousands of federal employees’ were questioning if they’d be able to pay their bills in the new year during the govt. shutdown.

And seriously, is this NOT the most Nancy Pelosi answer maybe ever?

Man, Democrats love their rich, out-of-touch, old white people, right Nancy? And seriously, is this lady bazoongas or what?

From Mediaite:

Representative Nancy Pelosi defended her holiday vacation in Hawaii during an ongoing government shutdown in a wide-ranging interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie.  Pelosi’s trip to Hawaii became something of a talking point on conservative media outlets as President Donald Trump opted to spend his holiday break in the White House instead of traveling to his Palm Beach home Mar-a-Lago.

Guthrie mentioned a “swipe” taken by President Trump about Pelosi’s family vacation, to which the presumptive Speaker replied “I observed the Christmas holiday for a few days and I cut in time half the time I would have had.”

Ooh look, guys, she cut her luxurious vacation in Hawaii in half … meanwhile, Democrats are pretending to care about those thousands of poor federal workers. Say what you will about evil, greedy Republicans but at least they don’t pretend to be all weepy about the poor and then take a fancy vacation.

But it’s so Nancy. She’s totally oblivious to what the kerfuffle is all about or at least she plays like she is.

A defense would mean she actually has a counterpoint, she doesn’t.

Dumb leading the dumber or something, yeah? Saxicolous even.

And water is wet ALTHOUGH this editor saw someone make the case that water itself is not wet, just the things water touches. Too deep for a Thursday? Yeah, we agree …


That too.


And yet she’s really not funny at all.


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